• Toshiba laser printers are one of the most revered printers and are known for their remarkably good printing quality. Toshiba toner cartridges are easily available and so also are Toshiba Toner refills. Toners are one of the recurring expenses and have to regularly top up every time the cartridge toner is exhausted. One can either replace with an OEM cartridge or else go for a Remanufactured cartridge for a Toshiba laser printer.

    Right Way to Recycle Your Toner Cartridges.

    If you own a Toshiba printer, dispose of the old toner cartridges properly. Potentially hazardous chemicals used to make toner for printer and copier, and just simply throwing used toner cartridges in the garbage could be bad for the environment. Fortunately, Toshiba toner cartridges are recyclable. Toshiba has started a program that allows people to quickly and easily recycle their used Toshiba toner cartridges.

    Here are some incredible tips on how you can recycle your Toshiba

    First of all just remove the used toner cartridge from the Toshiba copier or printer, and put a new Toshiba Toner cartridge into the machine. Check out the toner box in which new cartridge was packed, if there is a prepaid shipping label in box. A lot of replacement cartridges come with a prepaid return label users can use it to send the old cartridge back for recycling in Toshiba