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    Shopping for a printer might not be as easy as it sounds. There is an abundance of printers out there in the market and you might be overwhelmed if you do not know how to shop for one. Shopping for a printer is a lot like looking for a dress. You have to make sure you get the one that not only suits your lifestyle but your budget as well. There are actually a number of factors that you can always consider when looking for a good printer:

    Operating system

    What operating system does your computer run on? It is important for you to determine this because there are a number of printers which do not work for particular operating systems. A classic example would be that printers from Lexmark do not support Linux operating systems. You do not want to get a printer that would never run with your computer. There are a number of ways to know your operating system. If you use Windows, ‘right click’ on my computer and click on properties. You will see what operating you are running on.


    There are basically two types of printers – inkjet and laser. If you are wondering if which is better between the two, take note that there is no final answer. Inkjet and laser printers have their own set of advantages. Thus, you would have to check out these advantages. Inkjet printers are known for its capability to print almost everything especially colorful images and photos. However, when it comes to text documents, laser printers have the upper hand and that is why they are more popular in corporate environments where numerous documents have to be printed in the fastest time possible.


    Next to check out are the features. You would have to know what features you would be able to enjoy if you choose a certain printer. Also, you have to decide whether to get a plain printer or one that has a scanner and photocopier. Well, the answer will lie on your lifestyle. Do you always find the need to photocopy some documents? Are there are some photos as well as images that you frequently have to scan and upload online? If you answered positively to those questions, getting an all-in-one printer is practical.

    Ease of use

    Also, you have to consider the ease of use of the product you are inspecting. Is it easy to install and set up? Once it has been set-up, will you have an easy time operating it? The user-friendliness of printer designs varies from one brand to another. There is no really such a thing as the best brand since each brand features their own set of advantages over the others. You might want to look at some online reviews in order to know the opinion of other people regarding the user-friendliness of certain products.

    Once you have purchased a printer, you would eventually need some ink or toner cartridges. And which better place can you get them than from Excel Toner? We offer cartridges which can be used with the top printer brands including HP, Epson, and a whole lot more!

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    Have you been sending your ink or toner cartridges straight to the garbage bin after use? Well, a lot of people do that. In the United States, more than seven hundred cartridges are being thrown every minute. However, you should know that ink and toner cartridges can be recycled. Sustainable development is the goal of many green advocates and recycling cartridges can help them in achieving that.

    What are the reasons for recycling cartridges?

    One might wonder why cartridges should be recycled. Why not just throw them away and forget about them?

    • It reduces water pollution – Millions of cartridges end up in landfills every year. And since it takes more than a thousand years for plastic to decompose, this is bad news for Mother Earth. There have also been so many accounts of water pollution associated with land filling. Thus, if there would be less cartridges thrown in sites, water can be kept clean for the generations to come.

    • It reduces air pollution – Recycling plastic cartridges can also, in part, reduce air pollution. Manufacturers would not have to manufacture more cartridges as the ones that they have made in the past can be remanufactured. Thus, there would be less air pollution caused by the manufacturers.

    • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions – Another good reason to recycle cartridges is that doing so can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If a lot of people would be willing to reuse their cartridges instead of throwing them away, the rapid global climate change can be slowed down.

    How can the cartridges be recycled?

    There are a number of ways on how the cartridges can be recycled. Here are some examples:

    • They come with refill kits – Most cartridges these days are refillable or can be purchased with refill kits. Refilling your cartridges would not only help you save the environment. It can also help you reduce your printing costs. Because of that, it is a standard operating procedure for so many companies these days to have cartridges refilled.

    • Drop them in recycling centers – Now, there are a lot of people who think that cartridge refilling is a little bit messy for them. If you think of the same thing as well, you can still recycle your cartridges by collecting them and then dropping them off in recycling centers. It is in these recycling centers where the cartridges are put to use through various ways. Usually, they are refilled.

    • Send them back to the manufacturer – There are also a lot of manufacturing companies which take the cartridges back once they are empty. The good news is that most of these companies get their cartridges back for free. You would not have to spend a single cent. One of the reasons why companies do this is that remanufacturing plastic helps them spend less on energy.

    Looking for some ink and toner cartridges that you would be able to recycle? Get them at Excel Toner. We offer ink and toner cartridges at the most competitive prices possible.

  • When you purchase first HP laser printer for your office or home, you have no hesitation about you got a high quality product as a printer and that is not really expensive. But problem occurs when you first going to replace your HP Q6000A Laser toner cartridge.

    You may be shocked, because this one of the type of cartridge which is lasted very long, because when your printer show a message printer is out of ink, but many time there is lot of ink left in it, sometimes it could be as much as 50 percent.

    So it is a time waste to change the cartridge. And the expenditure of replacing HP Q6000A is seemed to be almost as much as the printer cost in the first place.

    If you are a big fan of HP Q6000A Laser toner cartridge and you have decided to buy a Q6000A online, then I would like to suggest your some helpful tips which will let you know how to buy cheap and quality Q6000A cartridge online.

    1.      Just make a search on internet and read some articles about HP Q6000A Laser toner cartridge. Definitely you will get some ideas and about buying a Q6000 cartridge online.

    2.      Visit on different online store and compare their price, features and quality of service.

    3.      When you are planning to buy cartridges online always try to buy from reputed online stores like exceltoner.ca

    4.      Do not forget to read the customers testimonial about that particular online store. Testimonials will give you nice idea about that store and it services.

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    Printing is an essential task in home and offices. Always you need to generate superior quality copies. In order to get the best printing results, you have to use a trustworthy toner cartridge which can produce excellent results. Brother TN350 toner cartridge is one of the accepted products by users is exist on the bazaar at present.

    TN350 toner cartridge is easy to install. You just need to open the printer and take away the old cartridge. After that you only need to enter the new TN350 toner cartridge and push it forward. Anybody can do this in the proper manner, if they are familiar with the given instructions for installation of toner cartridge before they get to the task.

    TN350 toner cartridge is compatible with number of printers of same brand. This is also compatible with some models of HL series.  One more feature of this toner cartridge is that this can also use in many fax machines from the Intellifax series.

    Users can expect from Brother TN350 to produce quality prints without stains of any type. The color tones are invented to be sharp and long lasting. If users are not getting these types of printing results, you should to have to contact the manufacturer and make a complaint.

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    Since the coming out of CB436a laser toner cartridges, lots of people have turn out to be fond of CB436a throughout the globally. These cartridges are full of life and self motivated. CB436a laser toner cartridges are exceptional products since they have been produced with effortless techniques.
    One of the most sparkling reason to choose CB436a toner cartridges is that they have a strong ink that is called as CMYK/PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing method. At what time it comes to the CMYK it is a matchless full color printing method which involves cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors. Online laser toner cartridges industry offers you the top cb436a toner cartridges solutions both in Canada and worldwide.

    CB436a cartridges are very cost effective cartridges. CB436a toner cartridges are long-lasting toner cartridges due to that you would be directly able to enhance your manufacture outputs permanently. With the use of CB436a laser toner cartridge, you can generate tons of printing products on the dot for example stickers, folders, cd jackets, envelopes, labels, envelopes and so on.

    The CB436a is a compatible laser toner cartridge the reason is that, it could give a vast enhancement to your sales and profits. Thus if you need any help regarding the CB436a toner cartridge contact us. We would offer you the best CB436a laser toner cartridges at affordable rates.

  • Some people may think that the purchase of printing accessories is not much important, but soon they definitely change their mind when they see their printing cost is going up. Certainly, you should have productive and cost effective printing result. This would be generally depends on the choice of toner cartridges.

    There are many brands in toner cartridges to select from on the market for your printer and Brother TN360 is one of the best which is offering superior quality printing service. It is a high yield laser toner cartridge. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have to purchase it straight away. This would be best to have Brother TN360 laser toner cartridges characteristic and capabilities assessed first. This is what this article aims to do for consumers.

    Brother TN360 toner cartridges are compatible with the number of printers of the brother range of laser printer models DCP-7040, HL-2140, HL-2170W, MFC-7440N, MFC-7840W and with other brands also. Brother TN360 toner cartridges can be able to work with some fax machines and copier also. This could be beneficial, but only to a level.

    This cartridge is not universal, so you must have to check clearly whether it can work with the particular machine that you are using or not.

    Brother TN360 toner cartridge has maximum yield of 2,600 A4 pages at coverage of 5%. It’s not the biggest capacity you can find. This is why because this characteristic makes Brother TN360 not particularly useful for offices that use printing intensively.

    If you looking for affordable priced toner cartridge with superior quality? The Brother TN360 would be the perfect selection! Get it now form our online store Exceltoner.ca!

  • HP Q2612A laser toner cartridge is easily available in the market or online also because of its high demand. It is used by both professionals and students because it is capable in providing high quality print results.

    HP Q2612A laser toner cartridge really helps in reducing cost of printing. Buying HP Q2612A online is not a big issue, the matters only it from where you should to buy it.

    Have a look at some vital factors that you must follow when you visit at any online store to evaluate whether that particular store would be capable to send high quality toners cartridges or not.

    Always check the shipping charges is that particular store offers less delivery charges to their customers: A superior and reputable store with significant customers will provide less shipping charges to customers in their own country. Assume that you are based in the Canada, when you purchase toner cartridges from a Canada based online laser toner cartridges store, make sure they deliver the toner cartridges at affordable rates. This facility shows that the toner cartridges store is reputable and will provide superior quality laser toner cartridge to its clients. Therefore, does not take it lightly.

    Check and see what their customer say about that online store:

    Before taking any final decision to buy HP Q2612A laser toner cartridge from the online stores you should have to look at the customer’s testimonial and feedback of that online store.

    Now you can buy online good quality HP Q2612A laser toner cartridge from Exceltoner.ca. All of Exceltoner cartridges are designed to give the supreme printing results to users, our cartridges are highly recommended by many customers for professional printing.

  • Oce N.V. is a Netherlands based corporation that manufactures and sells productions printing and copying hardware and related software. Oce N.V. has been in printer market since 1958.

    Each Océ cartridge is manufactured to exacting quality standards using state-of-the-art technology and quality grade components such as ultra fine particle toner which is performance matched to the imaging drum to make sure complete print reliability from begin to end. Exceltoner.ca exclusive sealing process ensures a leak-proof toner cartridges and all toner cartridges are 100% outbound tested and 100% quality guaranteed to perform your complete satisfaction.

    All of Exceltoner.ca cartridges are designed to give the finest printing results to users, they are recommended for professional printing, handouts, any material that will be given to the public.

    ExcelToner.ca assures an exceptional product with flawless printouts.

    All cartridges are freshly sealed and packaged.

    ExcelToner.ca ONLY ship to Canada, Shipping is a flat $7.95 per order (regardless of the quantity ordered).
    Multiple Quantities available.
    All of Exceltoner.ca cartridges come with a LIFETIME unconditional warranty!!!

    Here is a list of few models of cartridges which you can order from Exceltoner.ca. Our all prices are in Canadian dollars and

    Product Name :  CLEARANCE / LIQUIDATION ~Brand New Original OCÉ 416-4 Developer


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  • Unisys Corporation is an universal provider of (IT) information technology services. Unisys Corporation incorporated in Delaware, and headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States.

    Unisys Corporation is also a big brand in printer Business. Unisys Corporation offering online printer parts and accessories like laser toner cartridges for laser printers and also offering accessories for photo printers  and Inkjet Printers.

    Unisys printers are designed to provide the high-quality, high-speed and high-volume printing service to users. This means that Unisys printers are best for high-volume home offices or medium-sized offices.

    To find the best products for your UniSys printer, either chooses your cartridge number or printer model from exceltoner.ca. Exceltoner have UniSys cartridges, bulk products and more.

    Here is a list of few models of cartridges which you can order from Exceltoner.ca. Our all prices are in Canadian dollars and our all Unisys products carry lifetime warranty.

    Laser Toner Cartridge models

    UNISYS 81-0131-201 Laser Toner Cartridge High Yield

    UNISYS 81-0140-202 Laser Toner Cartridge High Yield

    UNISYS 810-423-103 Laser Toner Cartridge High Yield

    UNISYS 81-0540-101 Laser Toner Cartridge High Yield

    UNISYS 81-0540-102 Laser Toner Cartridge EXTRA High Yield

    UNISYS 81-0134-106 Laser Toner Cartridge

    UNISYS 91-9300-948 High Yield Laser Toner Cartridge

  • Toshiba laser printers are one of the most revered printers and are known for their remarkably good printing quality. Toshiba toner cartridges are easily available and so also are Toshiba Toner refills. Toners are one of the recurring expenses and have to regularly top up every time the cartridge toner is exhausted. One can either replace with an OEM cartridge or else go for a Remanufactured cartridge for a Toshiba laser printer.

    Right Way to Recycle Your Toner Cartridges.

    If you own a Toshiba printer, dispose of the old toner cartridges properly. Potentially hazardous chemicals used to make toner for printer and copier, and just simply throwing used toner cartridges in the garbage could be bad for the environment. Fortunately, Toshiba toner cartridges are recyclable. Toshiba has started a program that allows people to quickly and easily recycle their used Toshiba toner cartridges.

    Here are some incredible tips on how you can recycle your Toshiba

    First of all just remove the used toner cartridge from the Toshiba copier or printer, and put a new Toshiba Toner cartridge into the machine. Check out the toner box in which new cartridge was packed, if there is a prepaid shipping label in box. A lot of replacement cartridges come with a prepaid return label users can use it to send the old cartridge back for recycling in Toshiba