• Practically nothing beats an older inkjet printer with a wireless laser model. The Samsung scx-4521D3 laser toner cartridge hits the sub CAD$41.95pric with a sensible, tiny design which works nicely in just about any home or small work place.

    The Samsung scx-4521D3 laser toner cartridge is compatible with nearly all operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server and 7; Mac OS X 10.3-10.6; and Linux.

    The security label of SAMSUNG SCX-4521D3 toner cartridge is very high. SAMSUNG SCX-4521D3 toner cartridge has a multi-level security label to suit the multi-function fax, scanner and copy all-in-one machines it supports.

    Product information

    Color:  Black

    OEM Part Number:  ML-1610D2

    Other Part #s:  ML1610D2 / SCX-4521D3 / SCX4521D3

    Page Yield at 5%: 2000

    Condition: Compatible

    Total Toner Content:  FULL

    Warranty/Guarantee:  YES

    Compatible with: ML1610, SCX4521D3

  • If you are looking for a reliable printer for your computer, then I’ll suggest you the most affordable and dependable printers on the market today make use of inkjet technology to produce high quality print result.
    If you are using a Pixma printer, it probably uses the popular Canon PG40 ink cartridge.  Read on to learn more about this quality product and why it’s best to use an OEM inkjet cartridge. People who are using this amazing cartridge gave rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

    The PG40 ink cartridge is Canon’s large size ink cartridge for the popular Pixma printer product line. It is an OEM cartridge that’s designed to give the best possible quality and performance from Canon printers.

    The PG40 ink cartridge generates crisp, clear output that’s highly fade resistant in addition, printed text and graphics are smudge proof. The thing which makes canon most recommended brand is that they exhaustively tests its products to ensure they fully confirm to all relevant  laws and regulations, as well as to the company’s own precise quality control standard.

    Canon PG40 ink cartridge is compatible with

    Canon Pixma: MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP450, MP460, MP470, IP200, IP1300, IP1600, IP1700, IP1800, IP2500, IP2600, IP6210D, IP6220D, IP6310D, IP6320D, MX300, MX310

    Canon Fax: JX200, JX210P

  • The Canon CLI8M Chip ink/inkjet cartridge is perfect inkjet cartridge for business and home users who want quality professional prints giving out crisp consistently sharp results. The superior quality prints produced from the Canon Chip inkjet cartridge and the hp LaserJet is as a result of the ultra precise technology of the toner cartridge giving its sharp results.

    Ink cartridges like the Canon CLI8M Chip constant replacement especially in a business environment where huge amount of printings is carry out. The funny thing is that most businesses do not know that they can cut their printing or inkjet cartridge cost if they switch over from the brand name CLI8M Chip to compatible inkjet cartridge.

    The Canon CLI8M Chip ink/inkjet cartridge is fully compatible with

    Canon:  IX4000, IX5000

    Canon Pixma: IP3300, IP3500, IP4200, IP4300, IP4500, IP5200, IP5200R, IP5300, IP6600, IP6600D, IP6700, IP6700D, Pro 9000, MX700, MX850, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP600R, MP610, MP700, MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP950, MP960, MP970

  • If we talk about canon PGI220BK w/chip inkjet cartridges, canon inkjet PGI220BK w/chip cartridges are undoubtedly one of the most exceptional types of ink cartridge in the global market at the moment. Actually canon PGI220BK w/chip toner cartridge is invented and shaped by means of latest tools and technologies.

    That is because PGI220BK w/chip has very strong and durable ink quality that is CMYK. When it comes to the CMYK, it is special type of color scheme that is containing of 4 colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

    Canon PGI220BK w/chip ink cartridge comes under complete package at low price, exceptional printing speed with excellent technology long lasted.

    Canon PGI220BK w/chip ink cartridge is perfect match and value for the Budget conscious customers. Cannon Canon PGI220BK w/chip ink cartridge beautiful colors with ink jet printing technology.

    Canon PGI220BK w/chip ink cartridge have special of ink quality with the help of that user can for sure produce tons of copies of various products like stickers cards, broachers, glossy, papers, flyers etc just in few minutes.

  • A printer has become a necessity if your work is totally depends on computer. The affordable and reliable printer in the market these days make use of ink jet technology to develop high quality output, whether it is for text or graphics. Unlike the old fashioned impact printers with inked ribbons, PGI5BK inkjet printers carry sealed ink cartridges with small nozzles that only spray ink onto the printing substrate; normally paper. PGI5BK Inkjet printer does not require any special type of paper. Here we will let you know about the qualities of Canon’s PGI5BK ink cartridge which is one the best products to use it.

    Key Features:

    Canon’s PGI-5BK ink cartridge is best in size. It has been designed to provide the best quality and performance. PGI-5BK ink cartridge by canon is well known in offering the superior print quality, whether it is related to text or graphics. The products are offered in the market are long lasting and carry the same quality for long period as well.


    PGI5BK provided by Canon is very affordable and cost only….

    Product Description:

    The canon PGI-5Bk Black ink cartridge clear and best output which is fade resistant. Apart from its best services the ink which being used in it is high quality and is not toxic to the human body. PGI-5Bk provided is totally certified with a variety of papers, including, plain, inkjet, photo etc.