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    If you are a business or individual with lots of printing jobs to do, a Samsung ML-1665 laser printer is usually the way to go, save you on spending too much on toners and Ink. A laser printer is, however, relatively bulky compared with inkjet printers. But now Samsung has invented a new generation of small laser printers in the market.

    The Samsung ML-1665 is the smallest monochrome laser printer at the moment on the market that will easily fit in on any size counter although it is small and light

    The Samsung ML-1665 can perform same as good as the more expensive and bigger laser printers . Here is our review of the Samsung ML-1665 monochrome laser printer.

    At first sight, the Samsung ML-1665  laser printer looks like any other laser printer, except smaller. But it’s have a wide range of features that make printing easy and convenient for the users.

    Samsung ML-1665 perform printing quite fast in ready mode, about 17 – 19 pages per minute.

    In Off mode, it takes about 17 to 18 seconds for the first print to come out. But once it gets going, a page could prints in about 7 – 9 seconds. It is relatively quiet when it is printing.

    Opposite to inkjet printers, there are no different quality modes to choose from. The print resolution for this laser printer is 1200 x 600 dpi.

    The best part of this monochrome laser printer is its cost. It is available on very affordable price at about $100 on the market.