• If you are a business or individual with lots of printing jobs to do, a Samsung ML-1665 laser printer is usually the way to go, save you on spending too much on toners and Ink. A laser printer is, however, relatively bulky compared with inkjet printers. But now Samsung has invented a new generation of small laser printers in the market.

    The Samsung ML-1665 is the smallest monochrome laser printer at the moment on the market that will easily fit in on any size counter although it is small and light

    The Samsung ML-1665 can perform same as good as the more expensive and bigger laser printers . Here is our review of the Samsung ML-1665 monochrome laser printer.

    At first sight, the Samsung ML-1665  laser printer looks like any other laser printer, except smaller. But it’s have a wide range of features that make printing easy and convenient for the users.

    Samsung ML-1665 perform printing quite fast in ready mode, about 17 – 19 pages per minute.

    In Off mode, it takes about 17 to 18 seconds for the first print to come out. But once it gets going, a page could prints in about 7 – 9 seconds. It is relatively quiet when it is printing.

    Opposite to inkjet printers, there are no different quality modes to choose from. The print resolution for this laser printer is 1200 x 600 dpi.

    The best part of this monochrome laser printer is its cost. It is available on very affordable price at about $100 on the market.

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    Remember the first color inkjet printer introduced by Apple in 1992. Apple’s printing technology, as well as its telecommunication devices, computers and music players, are famous for their unique design and permanence. Apple offers a huge number of Apple laser toners and toner cartridges. Each Apple laser toner cartridge is exclusively designed to work with original Apple printers to produce sharp and clear results. Apple provide outstanding performance and great results in printing text and graphic documents.

    Using original Apple toner with your laser printer is the ideal way to avoid damage of machine and to be satisfied with your printouts. All Apple laser printer toner cartridge is designed to extend the life of your machine and make the use of it easier.

    As a brand, Apple is universally recognized as a producer of high-end gadgets for office and home use. If you own an Apple printer, you are likely happy with your device, as it requires tiny technical skill to operate, but is capable of high-speed printing and producing better-quality images. Apple inkjet printers run best as compare to other printing brands in market.

    Apple were among the first to launch laser printers to the world with the Apple LaserWriter. when Apple’s first laser printer was introduced  Of course,  it cost a pretty penny – almost $6,995.

    The LaserWriter allowed anyone to print quality text and graphics without spending a fortune. In 1985 the price of a LaserWriter was $6,995. When the LaserWriter Plus was introduced in 1986, it cost $6,798. Both the LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus lookThese days you can get hold of an Apple laser printer for a much more reasonable price, bed exactly alike.

    These days you can get hold of an Apple LaserWriter for a much more reasonable price.  Like the Apple LaserWriter 12/600 PS  is an affordable PostScript laser printer that offers a number of advanced print capabilities. It is ideal for individual home, education, and small-business users who require outstanding print quality,

    The Apple Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS is a high-performance, multiplatform Adobe PostScript color laser printer that provides exceptional results for both color and gray-scale printing. It’s ideal  for anyone who requires convenient, superior-quality color printing capabilities

    The Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS provides a breakthrough in color printing performance. With its 600- dot-per-inch resolution, it provides the outstanding print quality you need  fast. Its performance contributes to your efficiency; for example, the Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS can be used to print multiple color copies.

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    Inkjet and laser printers allow you to print professional-looking documents, such as brochures, spreadsheets and flyers. When selecting a printer, you’ll Want a printer which is fit according to your budget and provide desired speed and colour accuracy in printing. Here are some advantages of Inkjet and laser printers.

    Advantages of Laser Printer:

    Speed: Laser printers also offer the benefit of speed. A laser printer can turn out pages more quickly than an inkjet printer.  Although inkjet printers have improved their speeds in recent years, but they still cannot match that of laser printers.

    Low cost: Over time, toner costs for a laser printer will total far less per page than refilling/replacing inkjet printer cartridges.

    Text detail: Lasers are much better at printing fine details, such as very small fonts. Some high-quality inkjets are able to approach laser-quality text output, but not only are they more expensive, they must use more ink and take more time to produce those results.

    if you aren’t into printing color, then you are probably better off going with a laser printer over a standard inkjet printer. You will appreciate the speed and low maintenance of a laser printer, while also saving money on printer ink.

    Advantages of Inkjet Printers

    Inkjet printers, like their name implies, print with liquid inks that are sprayed out of cartridges through microscopic nozzles in the print head. The benefits of inkjet printers include:

    Versatility: A colour inkjet can print on many types of media, including craft paper, T-shirt transfers, and even printable CD/DVD discs.

    Start-up costs: Generally, inkjet printers cost less to buy than their laser counterparts. A good, all-purpose color inkjet can be bought for about $100, whereas even a basic black-and-white laser may cost significantly more.

    Those who prefer printing mostly text or line graphics – especially in a business setting, where speed and running costs are more essential – will do better with a laser printer. For moderate home use, printing occasional documents such as snapshots from cheap digital cameras, inkjets are the better choice.