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    After waging a continuous war against your trusted office printer and having finally decided to call in the maintenance service crew, you start to wonder whether the OEM compatible toner you recently installed in it may be the reason for this particular breakdown yet again. Though it is true that getting a genuine printer toner or cartridge version is always a better idea if not a safer option, OEM compatible printer toners and cartridges similarly offer the user no less in functionality.

    Why go for OEM compatible printer toners?

    Similar to genuine printer toner versions, OEM compatible toners and cartridges also guarantee quality, clarity and richness for any printed document, meaning they are as good as their branded counterparts. Many a times when you suddenly find yourself low on cash, you are likely to go looking for the most cost effective but yet viable toner option for your printer. And to be honest, a compatible OEM toner is a GOD’s gift to a wheezing printer!

    Are OEM compatible printer toners/cartridges as good as the branded version?

    Anyone who has ever used good OEM compatible toners can attest that they are as good as their genuine counterparts, if sometimes not even better. A good OEM compatible printer cartridge for example will provide the same duty cycle of around a thousand pages at five percent coverage in yellow/magenta/ cyan ink and approximately two thousand pages at five percent in black ink. Furthermore, the quality of the printouts is the same or almost as the same as those produced by printing using the genuine toners. When you use OEM compatible printer toners, may it be for personal or office purposes, you will have saved yourself some purchasing costs while at it – almost half the purchasing cost of the branded version will basically be saved by opting for this sort of a toner.

    Where does the difference between the OEM compatible toners and the genuine version lie in?

    To say the truth, the difference between a genuine toner and OEM compatible version lies in the user’s mindset. so whether a customer goes for a branded high priced printer toner or cartridge or he or she opts for a much lower priced compatible version, almost if not a hundred percent same quality of work is produced. It all lies on whether the customer is willing to shell out the big bucks that go with the dependability of a branded product.

    All the same, when buying a compatible printer product, whether a toner or a cartridge, it is always sensible to perform a check well in advance on the supplier you are getting it from. As the saying goes,” It is better to be safe than to be sorry”, particularly if the printout at stake is that lovely photo of your family year end get together.

    All in all, the kind of a toner you opt to use in your printer is all your choice. Fortunately, the use of good OEM compatible toners on original printers does not in any way violate the conditions of the offered warranty. Remember that although paying a lower price for a wanted printer toner is fine, some research on what is available before parting with your money is wiser!

  • If you are a business or individual with lots of printing jobs to do, a Samsung ML-1665 laser printer is usually the way to go, save you on spending too much on toners and Ink. A laser printer is, however, relatively bulky compared with inkjet printers. But now Samsung has invented a new generation of small laser printers in the market.

    The Samsung ML-1665 is the smallest monochrome laser printer at the moment on the market that will easily fit in on any size counter although it is small and light

    The Samsung ML-1665 can perform same as good as the more expensive and bigger laser printers . Here is our review of the Samsung ML-1665 monochrome laser printer.

    At first sight, the Samsung ML-1665  laser printer looks like any other laser printer, except smaller. But it’s have a wide range of features that make printing easy and convenient for the users.

    Samsung ML-1665 perform printing quite fast in ready mode, about 17 – 19 pages per minute.

    In Off mode, it takes about 17 to 18 seconds for the first print to come out. But once it gets going, a page could prints in about 7 – 9 seconds. It is relatively quiet when it is printing.

    Opposite to inkjet printers, there are no different quality modes to choose from. The print resolution for this laser printer is 1200 x 600 dpi.

    The best part of this monochrome laser printer is its cost. It is available on very affordable price at about $100 on the market.

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    The kind of to be replaced inside a blank cartridge depends upon the make and model of an inkjet printer Ink. Every make and model is prepared to work with a specific type of inkjet printer ink that is ill suitable for other makes and their models.

    The inkjet printer ink is capable of producing both colour and black-and-white print out on the same paper. Colour inkjet printer ink is accessible in a single-cartridge system or a multiple-cartridge system. Printer ink is bundled inside a single cartridge for every colour of a single-cartridge system. In a multiple-cartridge system diverse cartridges are used for all other colours.

    The inkjet printer ink could be either dye-based or pigment-based. In Dye-based inks give a ample gamut of colour but have lower fade-resistance and water-resistance features. They also get dry gradually in compare to pigmented inks. Pigmented inks are much superior in terms of fade colour resistance; water resistance and drying time however don’t give superb colour. Pigmented inkjet colour inks are very costly than dye-based inks.

    The most important description of any inkjet printer ink is its resistance to fading and water solubility. In addition the ink should not dry very fast, however should give sharp print quality.

    Inkjet printer ink is prepared both by direct vendors and third-party vendors. There are several types of inkjet printer ink, and every kind of ink works fine only with a particular make of printer.

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    Due to high technology and huge competition in market, there are several companies present in the market like Canon, Hewlett-Packard; Epson & Lexmark, all these brands are well known for producing bulk of inkjet printer sales around the global. In case you are planning to buy an inkjet printer then you must keep certain points in your mind for right inkjet printer.

    How many types of inkjet printers accessible in the market?

    Basic Inkjet Printers:

    If you are required printer for basic usage e.g. to print web pages, spreadsheets and text documents, a basic inkjet printer that uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) or black ink will most suitable as per your needs.

    Inkjet Photo Printers:

    To produce high-quality photo prints, use six-color with CMYK ink for inkjet photo printers along with light cyan and light magenta. If you want to print pictures directly from your digital camera then inkjet photo printers with an LCD preview screen will be best choice,

    Portable Inkjet Printers:

    If you are a business man and you travel a lot then you must always select a printer that weighs less than 5 pounds.

    Multifunction Inkjet Printers:

    This printer capable to print, scan & copy, move over at the touch of a button. However, you may have to compromise a little on quality. Faxing features are also available.

    Shopping via online could be best option while looking for best quote.

    Maximum Printing Speed of an Inkjet Printer:-

    An inkjet printer speed is always calculated by the number of pages get printed per minute (PPM). Standard inkjet printer has three levels of settings as per quality: draft, normal & best. Speed reduces if you want high resolution outputs. However manufacturer’s analysis the speed of a standard printer by printing basic text at the lowest quality setting, even if you want to print at general quality settings, the actual speed is half of the stated speed by manufacturers.

    In case you want to print graphics with your inkjet printer, speed should be given preference. System configuration is also an important factor.

    What resolution is good for quality printing?

    Another factor on which you have to focus on is print resolution. Printer’s quality is recognized on the basis of resolution if they attribute print resolutions in surplus of 1440 dots per inch (dpi). The utmost color resolution that an inkjet printer generally has is 2400 x 1200 dpi. Some top models have up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. For graphics and photos, you must ask for a resolution of least 600 x 600 dpi. It is essential to keep in mind that the quality of output does not depend upon the resolution only. It depends upon the inkjet system used by the maker and the color management system also.

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    The Brother Multi-Function Center (MFC)-3360C Inkjet Printer is a multifunction inkjet printer designed for small workgroups and home offices. It is fully loaded with many features. The stylish Brother MFC-3360C Multifunction Inkjet Printer allows users to color printing, copying and scanning into a single compact machine. Completely suited for all your printing requirements, this multifunction/ all-in-one printer is designed with ease-of-use in mind and delivers great performance to the users.

    Brother MFC-3360C Inkjet Printer’s speeds up to 25ppm black and 20ppm and provide fast color printing and resolutions up to 6000 x 1200 dpi and a minimum droplet size of 1.5 picoliters shows the all  details of your photographs.

    Brother MFC-3360C Inkjet Printer contains four cartridge ink system. It allows you only replace the color which is required to be replaced.

    It’s also offers USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces; PC and Mac compatible, an automatic document feeder. Unattended fax, copy or scan up to 20 pages at a time, automatic duplex printing, as well as copier, scanner and fax functionality.

    Why choose Brother MFC-3360C Inkjet Printer for your all print needs.

    Multifunction/ all-in-one, printers have achieved market share in recent years as people come to be aware of the benefits of these machine. This is not hard to see why multifunction/ all-in-one have become popular when you consider these advantages:

    With Brother MFC-3360C Inkjet Printer, there is no need to pay for a separate fax, scanner, and copy machine and color inkjet printer.  In this machine you’ll get all the high-level functionality that a user wants, in one cost-effective, integrated machine. You’ll also save cash because this printer serves many purposes at once. Brother MFC-3360C Inkjet Printer is very easy to use and come at a reasonable price.

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    Inkjet printers are well known type of computer printer proposed for home or office both use. The start of the inkjet printer has enabled us to print colorful, quality documents, pictures, and images on paper.

    Inkjet printers spraying droplets of ink onto the sheet through tiny nozzles enclosed in the print’s head. This moves forward and back across the sheet, while the paper moves forward, until the entire information either document text or image is rendered. All droplets of ink form the dots that determine the resolution and quality of the printed output. High- resolution images have a greater number of dots per inch. Normally, inkjet printers contain four colors such as: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. A printer creates various kinds of hues and shades by mixing these colors into multiple combinations.
    Inkjet printers have more advantages compared to earlier printers. The biggest benefit of inkjet printers is that they produce better resolution and high quality prints. Ink jets do not create sound in operation. They are also cost effective, as well as very easy to handle and operate. However, inkjet printers have some cons as well. The printing output is not as precise and best as compare to laser printers. Also, ink cartridges are prone to blockage and are little expensive. Thus, many of users of inkjet printer resort to cheaper cartridges, ink-refilling kits to save money on ink.
    Nevertheless, an inkjet printer is still a superb choice if you want an economical printer that can produce quality prints quickly. 

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    Inkjet and laser printers allow you to print professional-looking documents, such as brochures, spreadsheets and flyers. When selecting a printer, you’ll Want a printer which is fit according to your budget and provide desired speed and colour accuracy in printing. Here are some advantages of Inkjet and laser printers.

    Advantages of Laser Printer:

    Speed: Laser printers also offer the benefit of speed. A laser printer can turn out pages more quickly than an inkjet printer.  Although inkjet printers have improved their speeds in recent years, but they still cannot match that of laser printers.

    Low cost: Over time, toner costs for a laser printer will total far less per page than refilling/replacing inkjet printer cartridges.

    Text detail: Lasers are much better at printing fine details, such as very small fonts. Some high-quality inkjets are able to approach laser-quality text output, but not only are they more expensive, they must use more ink and take more time to produce those results.

    if you aren’t into printing color, then you are probably better off going with a laser printer over a standard inkjet printer. You will appreciate the speed and low maintenance of a laser printer, while also saving money on printer ink.

    Advantages of Inkjet Printers

    Inkjet printers, like their name implies, print with liquid inks that are sprayed out of cartridges through microscopic nozzles in the print head. The benefits of inkjet printers include:

    Versatility: A colour inkjet can print on many types of media, including craft paper, T-shirt transfers, and even printable CD/DVD discs.

    Start-up costs: Generally, inkjet printers cost less to buy than their laser counterparts. A good, all-purpose color inkjet can be bought for about $100, whereas even a basic black-and-white laser may cost significantly more.

    Those who prefer printing mostly text or line graphics – especially in a business setting, where speed and running costs are more essential – will do better with a laser printer. For moderate home use, printing occasional documents such as snapshots from cheap digital cameras, inkjets are the better choice.