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    Epson is a brand which expends a lot of money and time on its R&D in order to make its final product that would perfectly suit with customer requirements. Epson ink cartridges are advanced technologically Inkjet Cartridges. It makes proper use of the Smart Valve Inkjet Cartridge that produces smaller dots that aggregates the color into more perfect printing result.

    There is lot of benefit of using an Epson Printer and Epson ink cartridge. With the Epson Printer and Ink, users get the succeeding benefit: The very first benefit, Epson bring out a level of printouts that no other Ink can provide. The high level of quality ink changes the quality print result.

    Epson T069 Inkjet Cartridges:

    The series of Epson T069 inkjet cartridges contains the following 4 type of cartridges:

    T069120 / T069220 / T069320 / T069420

    Every cartridge has a capability among 9ml to 11ml of ink.

    Epson T069 Inkjet Cartridges is fully compatible with Epson series of printer Stylus CX6000, CX7000, CX7400, CX7450, CX8400, CX9400, CX9475, NX100, NX300, NX400, and the Epson Stylus CX5000

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