• Brother LC61 ink cartridges 07.03.2011 Comments Off

    The Brother LC61 ink cartridges have a fashionable design, LC61 come along with three other color sets that is cyan, yellow and magenta and boast higher high quality prints

    As an economical preference, these sets of ink cartridges represent value for money. Distinctive layout as part of our double ink cartridge review we found that these Brother LC61 ink cartridges arrive with in many trendy style element.

    Characteristics and specifications of Brother LC61 ink Cartridges:

    • This dye based ink yields around 460 pages at around 5% of coverage.
    • The double LC61 ink cartridges come with around 14.6 ml comprising ink.
    • Brother LC61 ink cartridges make very vivid prints and substantial high quality print output.

    Generally, the Brother LC61 version of ink cartridge is better-quality and provides solid performance.

    The especially designed ink formula guarantees outstanding print quality and graphics that do not lose color in the presence of light or ozone exposure. In addition, the average pricing of the LC61 cartridge per ml is around 45 or 48 cents, which is not a lot. Therefore, this Brother LC61 ink cartridges are cost effective and generate high quality of graphics as well as prints. The LC61 cartridges also guarantee a long shelf life because of the even ink flow and sharing of ink across the sheet.