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    Shopping for a printer might not be as easy as it sounds. There is an abundance of printers out there in the market and you might be overwhelmed if you do not know how to shop for one. Shopping for a printer is a lot like looking for a dress. You have to make sure you get the one that not only suits your lifestyle but your budget as well. There are actually a number of factors that you can always consider when looking for a good printer:

    Operating system

    What operating system does your computer run on? It is important for you to determine this because there are a number of printers which do not work for particular operating systems. A classic example would be that printers from Lexmark do not support Linux operating systems. You do not want to get a printer that would never run with your computer. There are a number of ways to know your operating system. If you use Windows, ‘right click’ on my computer and click on properties. You will see what operating you are running on.


    There are basically two types of printers – inkjet and laser. If you are wondering if which is better between the two, take note that there is no final answer. Inkjet and laser printers have their own set of advantages. Thus, you would have to check out these advantages. Inkjet printers are known for its capability to print almost everything especially colorful images and photos. However, when it comes to text documents, laser printers have the upper hand and that is why they are more popular in corporate environments where numerous documents have to be printed in the fastest time possible.


    Next to check out are the features. You would have to know what features you would be able to enjoy if you choose a certain printer. Also, you have to decide whether to get a plain printer or one that has a scanner and photocopier. Well, the answer will lie on your lifestyle. Do you always find the need to photocopy some documents? Are there are some photos as well as images that you frequently have to scan and upload online? If you answered positively to those questions, getting an all-in-one printer is practical.

    Ease of use

    Also, you have to consider the ease of use of the product you are inspecting. Is it easy to install and set up? Once it has been set-up, will you have an easy time operating it? The user-friendliness of printer designs varies from one brand to another. There is no really such a thing as the best brand since each brand features their own set of advantages over the others. You might want to look at some online reviews in order to know the opinion of other people regarding the user-friendliness of certain products.

    Once you have purchased a printer, you would eventually need some ink or toner cartridges. And which better place can you get them than from Excel Toner? We offer cartridges which can be used with the top printer brands including HP, Epson, and a whole lot more!

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    Remember the first color inkjet printer introduced by Apple in 1992. Apple’s printing technology, as well as its telecommunication devices, computers and music players, are famous for their unique design and permanence. Apple offers a huge number of Apple laser toners and toner cartridges. Each Apple laser toner cartridge is exclusively designed to work with original Apple printers to produce sharp and clear results. Apple provide outstanding performance and great results in printing text and graphic documents.

    Using original Apple toner with your laser printer is the ideal way to avoid damage of machine and to be satisfied with your printouts. All Apple laser printer toner cartridge is designed to extend the life of your machine and make the use of it easier.

    As a brand, Apple is universally recognized as a producer of high-end gadgets for office and home use. If you own an Apple printer, you are likely happy with your device, as it requires tiny technical skill to operate, but is capable of high-speed printing and producing better-quality images. Apple inkjet printers run best as compare to other printing brands in market.

    Apple were among the first to launch laser printers to the world with the Apple LaserWriter. when Apple’s first laser printer was introduced  Of course,  it cost a pretty penny – almost $6,995.

    The LaserWriter allowed anyone to print quality text and graphics without spending a fortune. In 1985 the price of a LaserWriter was $6,995. When the LaserWriter Plus was introduced in 1986, it cost $6,798. Both the LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus lookThese days you can get hold of an Apple laser printer for a much more reasonable price, bed exactly alike.

    These days you can get hold of an Apple LaserWriter for a much more reasonable price.  Like the Apple LaserWriter 12/600 PS  is an affordable PostScript laser printer that offers a number of advanced print capabilities. It is ideal for individual home, education, and small-business users who require outstanding print quality,

    The Apple Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS is a high-performance, multiplatform Adobe PostScript color laser printer that provides exceptional results for both color and gray-scale printing. It’s ideal  for anyone who requires convenient, superior-quality color printing capabilities

    The Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS provides a breakthrough in color printing performance. With its 600- dot-per-inch resolution, it provides the outstanding print quality you need  fast. Its performance contributes to your efficiency; for example, the Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS can be used to print multiple color copies.