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    Printers are the machine which prints the text or picture over the paper. There are different varieties of printers available for the public. One must do a careful research over the different printers and should select an ideal printer which can meet the necessities of the business.

    All-in-one, inkjet and laser printers are the example for different types of printers. The cartridges used in all these types of printers vary. Inkjet uses inkjet cartridges and LASER printer uses toner cartridges. All-in-one printers can be either inkjets or LASER printers. Hence, it can use either an inkjet cartridge or a toner cartridge.

    All-in-one printers are the multi-purpose printers equipped with a scanner, photo copier and printing machine. All-in-one printers are very economical and are available in the market at an affordable price for the general public. Samsung, HP and other companies released All-in-one printers with better performance.

    Inkjet printers are small in size and are used in shops for various printing purposes. Proper maintenance techniques must be used to prevent the solidification of ink.

    LASER printers are the fastest printing machines. It is suitable for use in home and business units. The toner cartridges of these printers give better life span than any other type of printers.

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    There are many factors to be considered before selecting the best printer which meets your daily needs. Many different types of printers are available in the market with different levels of performance. Before purchasing the printer, the buyer must understand the nature of their printing need. Printing need for home and small business are much lesser than the printing need of an office or large business.

    The quality of print necessary for the organization for different reasons, like documentation or marketing purpose, must be determined before finalizing the printer device. The maintenance cost for the ink cartridges and toner cartridges are compared. It is better to calculate the benefit of one type over the other mathematically.

    The quality of the print is affected by the kind of ink used by the printer. Best blending of colors is seen in dye based ink. The ink cartridges must be properly maintained to get the best blending of colors. When you are decided about the type of printer needed for your business make a small research over the warranty period available with different products. Check for any user reviews about the product. Select the best printer which has 5 star user review and maximum number of years of warranty.

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    Inkjet printers are widely used in both home and business units. Inkjet printers come at an affordable price range. Until the LASER printers entered the market these inkjet printers were very popular and dominated the market. But still the sales and use of inkjet printers are running in a steady way.

    The positive points of an inkjet printer are related to its efficiency and reliability. Inkjet printers are highly efficient in giving the best output of printed material. It gives the perfect blend of color print. The liquid ink of an inkjet printer squirts through extremely small holes to give the perfect picture.

    The negative points of an inkjet printer are related to the time taken by printer to print a paper. Lots of time is wasted during printing process of an inkjet. The minimum number of papers printed in one minute is nearly 12 to 18 papers. This is much lesser than the printing speed of LASER printer.

    Another drawback of an inkjet printer is that the ink gets hardened in the inkjet cartridge. An inkjet cartridge needs regular maintenance to prevent hardening of ink. The pros and cons of an inkjet printer are almost equal, but the availability of an inkjet at cheaper price makes it better option to purchase.

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    LASER printers are well known as fastest printing machines. LASER printers use LASER light source to create an image over the paper. The text printing quality of LASER printers is extremely good. Although there are many positive points about the LASER printer, it is not without any limitations.

    The positive aspects of LASER printers are related to its performance. When we consider the performance of LASER printer, it stands out as champion among all the other types of printers. It prints the content at much shorter time and saves the time for other activities. There are machines which gives 60 print outs in a minute duration.

    LASER printers print more than 1500 copies of papers with one toner cartridge. The toner cartridge can be refilled whenever necessary. The toner refilling work can be done by any person who watches the process of refilling the toner.

    The negative aspect of the LASER printer is related to the quality of color pictures taken from LASER printer. The color pictures do not provide adequate blend of colors in it. We usually feel inkjet is much better in this aspect. But, at the end, when it comes to a printer which works in varieties of situation, LASER printers are the ideal solution for any business.

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    Small businesses are daily dealing with many clients in their business. The daily activities involves printing notices, advertisements, billing invoice, tax related papers and so on. All the printing requirements of small businesses are dependent on a small printer lying at the corner of the room. The importance of this small printing machine is remarkable.

    Small businesses print around 200 to 500 papers for various purposes. The printing machine selected for such an enterprise must be able to provide moderate level of performance in the field of printing machines. The paper feeding tray must be adequately spaced to occupy the sets of 500 papers at a time. The replacement duration of cartridges and refilling intervals of toners must be adequately long enough to manage the long term needs of the business.

    The printer chosen for small business must be able to give adequate profit in terms of minimum maintenance and maximum output for the business. All-in-one multipurpose printing machine suits better to small industries.

    There are a number of All-in-one printers available in the market. The printers from different brands are tagged with different range of price tags. The best printer will be the one which comes at minimum price, which has minimum maintenance charges and gives maximum number of prints with one toner cartridge.

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    Every machine must be maintained regularly in order to keep the performance level of the machine at its threshold level. Similarly, printers must regularly undergo maintenance process to regulate its optimum performance level. Maintenance of printers is not an easy job. It requires an extensive knowledge about the working of the printer.

    An inkjet printer needs more number of maintenance than the LASER printer. LASER printers are also not without any maintenance. The ink compartment of the inkjet printer must be stirred with a string at regular intervals of days, when not in use. This will keep the ink in liquid form and prevent from solidification. The inkjet cartridge of the inkjet printer must be changed whenever the ink is hardened or empty. A regular maintenance will give perfect blend of colors.

    The LASER printer has toner cartridge in it. It must be taken out carefully from its compartment for maintenance. At times the print color may be too light. In such situations, remove the cartridge and shake it in your hand several times. This will help in the equal distribution of black powder inside the toner cartridge. We must take the maintenance copy of the system like drum clearance copy. These steps will improve the performance of your printer.

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    Pictures and diagrams are usually taken as color print for project works. Color prints add an additional point for the success of an assignment. We take color prints on regular basis from various types of printers. But many times we feel that the quality of the print is not satisfactory or at times very poor.

    Poor or unsatisfactory picture qualities appear in printed copies taken from odd printers. Inkjets are an ideal printer to take color prints. Inkjets provides a wide mixture of colors and gives the perfect experience of color in the pictures. Although, inkjet printers are cheaper than the LASER printer they provide the best quality of colored prints.

    An inkjet printer need some amount of regular maintenance to keep the ink in good condition. Ink cartridges can get blocked very easily. So it is necessary to check the ink regularly. Inkjet printers print the documents in a slow rate than the LASER printers. The quality of print taken from inkjets is much higher than that taken from LASER printer.

    An inkjet printer needs someone to look after the cartridges regularly. Color picture experience can be made better by the use of inkjet printers. Thus it is better to take the colored copies in inkjet printers.

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    When the printers were discovered, inkjet printers were commonly used. The major drawback of inkjet printers was the time duration needed to print the papers. These drawbacks of inkjets lead to the invention of LASER printers. LASER printers came as a time saving printer for the business.

    The use of printers depends on the work nature of an organization. Designing and printing business field needs more of color prints than black and white prints. But the other industries require printers to take lots of text material than pictures and hence they need majority of black and white prints.

    An inkjet need regular maintenance, whereas LASER printers need maintenance on very rare occasions. Inkjets are available in cheaper rates than LASER printers. The ink cartridges of inkjets get blocked very easily. Very often the ink gets empty in the inkjet printers. LASER printer has got toner cartridges, which needs to be refilled after a particular number of copies.

    Inkjets are ideal for small business and home use. LASER printers are necessary for large business and for people who are too busy with their daily activities. Proper selection of printer must be made before investing over an unknown brand and type of the printer.

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    In the present day printers are commonly used for various purposes. Children use printers regularly for their project works. Other members of the house use it for various official and non-official activities. It is common that people purchase a printer for their home and later regret for making the bad selection. Hence, this article will help you in making the right decision about an ideal printer for your home.

    There are many varieties of printers available in the market. Majority of those printers are designed for heavy duty purpose. For home users heavy duty printers are not necessary, unless the number of print outs taken in a day is more than 100 pages. If we count the number of papers printed per day in a house, it will be within 50-70 papers.

    Home users must select multi-purpose printers such as All-in-one printers. All-in-one printers are equipped with a scanner and a photo copier along with the printer. It is better to select a LASER printer to a house. LASER printers do not need regular maintenance. The toner cartridge of LASER printers needs to be changed too rarely. One toner cartridge can print around 1500 papers. Hence it is a right decision to invest on All-in-one LASER printers.

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    Printers are an asset to any organization. If one fine day suddenly your printer stops working, it may create financial loss to the organization and frustration in the work environment. Hence it is better to take care of the printers on a daily basis.

    Some of the basic steps to protect the printers are:

    • Unplug the printer when you are not using it. Do not overheat the printer unnecessarily. Switch it on only when you are in need.

    • Keep the wires and connections free from moisture. Avoid direct contact with liquids.

    • Do dry dusting regularly and keep it clean from dust and insects.

    • Cover the printer with moisture resistant cloth or covering, at the end of the day.

    Protection of printers from hackers needs additional skills. In order to prevent the hackers attack over the printer connected over a network, you must change the default password. Regularly update the firmware version of the printer. Prevent the remote controlling of your printer through securing your data.

    All the basic steps are considered to protect the life of a printer machine in your organization. Ideally maintained printers can save your time and money in the production and service field.