• Printer Cartridges 03.03.2012

    If you are accustomed to printing various documents you probably had to run down to the printer store on more than one occasion to buy some more ink cartridges. Chances are you have also noticed that ink cartridges are not as cheap as they once were. Well, if you are looking for a way to save ink when you print documents I suggest you continue reading. If you learn how to ink you won’t have to constantly buy more ink cartridges; in other words, you will save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

    The first thing that you should know about saving ink is that some fonts consume more ink than others. You should save your document in a font that does not require a lot of ink and try not to include too many bold letters in your documents. Bold text consumes much more ink than regular text so make sure to reduce the amount of bold words that you have in a document. Also, you should know that the majority of ink cartridges have more black ink than color ink. So, try to use more black ink in order to save the color ink for later.

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