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    “How can one make photo prints last for a long time?” – This is a very relevant question in this modern world today, where the computer plays a very important role in a lot of people’s lives. You might have some photo prints posted on your fridge door or ones that are even framed and hanging in your bedroom wall. Do you know how long you would be able to extend their ‘shelf life’? Check out the following tips:

    • Use pigment inks – Whenever printing photos that you plan to display, it is important to use pigment inks for them. K. Sonnenleite, a printing expert, stated that pigment inks should have strong archival qualities and that the best brands for these would have to be Canon and Epson.

    • Use good paper – Aside from ink, it is also important to use paper. Do not use just any type of cheap paper brand that are being sold in stores. Go for thick papers that are designed for photo printing. Some experts advise that the photo papers should be at least seven or eight mils in thickness.

    • Prevent exposure to sunlight – Sunlight is one of the biggest factors that reduce the life of a printed output. The sun’s UV rays can be quite destructive. That is why it is wise if you can display your printed outputs away from direct sunlight. The less amount of sunlight they get exposed to, the longer they would last.

    • Have your outputs framed – It is ideal to have your photo prints framed. Not only will the glass filter light but it can also protect your photos from dust. Photo frames are not really that expensive, and that is why it would be best if you could invest on the reasonably priced ones than the cheap ones.

    • Do not touch your photos – Your fingers have small amounts of oils on it even if you do not see it. The oils coming from the fingers are responsible for corroding the surfaces of numerous beautiful artworks throughout history. That is why it is not wise to touch your photos. Of course, you would want your grand kids to be able to enjoy looking at your photos.

    • Have them sealed – There are a lot of companies out there who specialize in sealing photo prints. They put a non-destructive, protective coat over the photo prints so that their lifespan can be extended even for just a little longer.

    • Rely on technology – Your printed photos would undoubtedly reach the end of their lifespan soon. That is inevitable. But it is a good thing that you can always save soft copies of your photo outputs so that you would be able to reprint them again in the future.

    These are just some tips on how you would be able to make your printed outputs last. If in case you ran out of ink or toner after printing a number of documents, there is one company you should remember and that is Excel Toner. Excel Toner is dedicated in delivering high quality and affordable ink and toner cartridges compatible for different types of printers.

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    Digital artistry sometimes requires artists to have outputs of their brilliant, visual works. And that is why digital artists really need to have good printers. After all, the quality of their printer would most surely have an effect on their digital art outputs.

    Canon Pixma MG8220

    The Canon Pixma MG8220 is a wireless inket photo printer and is one of the most recommended printers for digital artists. It is an all-in-one printer that ensures function and efficiency for both professional and hobby digital artists. And the good thing about this printer is that it can print directly from various gadgets such as laptops and smartphones. So whichever gadget an artist uses to create his digital masterpiece, he would be able to print it easily with the Canon Pixma MG8220.

    Canon Pixma MG6220

    Another beauty from Canon would be the Canon Pixma MG6220. It has always a popular choice among photographers both amateur and professional alike. Since it really prints good photo outputs, it would not be a surprise if a lot of digital artists would start to love it. It also has an ergonomic design that is very user-friendly. Unique features like DVD printing and HD Movie printing make it a great choice for both home or office.

    Epson Stylus Photo R3000

    The Epson Stylus Photo R3000 is a piece of technological art that a lot of digital artists would want to have. Probably the best description for this printer is that it can build impressive, high-quality photos in a very fast time. It averages one minute forty-one seconds for every eight by ten. It can also feed thirteen by nineteen inch papers, a feature for those who love to make digital art posters. Epson claims that the outputs of this printer can last for up to three hundred years in dark storage.

    HE Photosmart C310A

    Unlike most popular printers of 2014, the HE Photosmart C310A is designed to do just one thing – print photos. And since that is its only function, one can expect that it is definitely very good at it. Like most photo-only printers, the HE Photosmart C310A offers higher resolutions than most popular printers. A competitive output quality, a very easy interface, and a very much affordable price, this printer would surely be wanted by a lot of digital artists.

    HP DesignJet T120 ePrinter

    For those digital artists who would love to print out massive versions of their artworks, there is the HP DesignJet T120 ePrinter. It is a wide format printer that can print paper rolls up to twenty-four inches wide. This is perfect for those digital artists who love to sell posters and even wall decals. However, since it was mainly designed for engineers and architects, very meticulous digital artists might have find trouble with the printer’s color outputs and graphics.

    These are just some recommended printers for all the digital artists out there. If you ever secure one of these printers and you end up needing to refill your cartridge, you can always place an order from Excel Toner.

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    If you own a printer, shopping for ink cartridges is something that you probably do fairly often depending on the amount of printing you do. When shopping for ink cartridges, the high cost of the products is something that you are likely to deal with and it can be a rather eye-opening experience. It is important to do your homework when buying ink cartridges, and avoid making costly mistakes. It is important to make sure that you buy the right cartridges, as this can make all the difference when it comes to printing quality. Following are some of the common mistakes you can avoid.

    1. Not knowing the printer model

    When shopping for cartridges, you need to know the cartridge number or the printer model so that you can buy the recommended accessories. Having this information can save you a lot of hassles when faced with the wide range of cartridges available in the market. Trying to shop without this information is like trying to shop with your eyes closed! If you do not have the empty cartridges with you, you can make the shopping process fast and easy by knowing the printer model or the cartridge number.

    2. Failing to read the manual

    Ignoring the manual can be a big mistake because it means that you are not sure what you are buying. There is a reason why printer manufacturers include the information and it is supposed to help you to make the right decisions. If you are not sure exactly what you need when you go shopping, even the clerk at the store will find it difficult to help you. This will usually mean that you may end up with the wrong products for your equipment. Many printer issues occur because of failure to read the manual.

    3. Buying the wrong ink for your project

    Another common mistake that people make is buying the wrong ink for the project or print job. Determine what you want to print so that you can choose the right ink cartridges. There are two main types of ink, dye-based inks and pigment-based inks. It is important to know the difference between the two inks so that you can avoid making a costly mistake. If you are printing photos, you need to determine the results that you want. Waterproof pigment-based inks are perfect for photo printing.

    4. Looking for the cheapest option

    There is nothing wrong with trying to save some money, but if it means compromising on quality, you will be making a huge mistake. When shopping for cartridges, you have to consider if refills are the best option. The fact is that cartridge refill kits rarely produce the results you are hoping for. While they may be adequate for simple printing jobs where quality is not an issue, they are not the best option. Refilled cartridges only work well when refilled by companies because they have the proper equipment.

    Just like going cheap can be a mistake, paying too much for your cartridges is just as bad. This common mistake is very easy to make because most shoppers do not know the options they have. You can get the best quality cartridges at great prices by shopping from the right dealers.

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    If you have an inkjet printer, buying printer ink can be expensive but it is a necessary purchase. Whether you have a small business, you work at home or you are a student, looking for the best option when it comes to printer ink usage can be very helpful. Instead of waiting for the printer ink to run out before you can purchase new cartridges, you can choose to use the cartridge refill system. This option is much cheaper and it can help to ensure that your printer remains operational.

    Most printer users find it rather difficult to refill inkjet cartridge, and this is probably not a task that you enjoy. Fortunately, the process of refilling an inkjet cartridge does not have to be very difficult if you can understand the common mistakes in refilling, and know how to avoid them. Your inkjet cartridge-refilling mission can be a success if you can avoid the following mistakes.

    • Trying to refill the ink fast

    When you are in a hurry is not the time to refill your cartridges. This is not a process that takes too long but many people try to do it fast because they do it while pressed for time. As much as you might feel the need to rush the refilling process, this can be a big mistake because you are likely to end up creating problems such as clotting in the neck of the cartridge or ink spillage. You can avoid these problems by injecting the refill ink into the cartridge’s sponges slowly and carefully. Patience will help to ensure complete absorption.

    • Waiting until the Cartridge runs dry

    One common mistake that people make is waiting until the cartridge is completely dry or empty. This can be problematic in many ways because when you wait until the inkjet printer cartridge runs on empty, the inkjet sponges become dried out making refilling nearly impossible. You should try to refill your cartridges before they reach the empty mark. This will help to ensure the free flow of ink from the cartridge. You can refill the cartridge while it is half-empty to ensure the cartridge is in the best shape.

    • Injecting the Ink incorrectly

    Another mistake that people make is injecting the ink in one location. When you do this, you can expect problems because it leads to an imbalance in ink distribution. When the ink enters in a single location, it does not flow throughout the inkjet’s sponges effectively. This can result in printing problems like some sections of the page coming out in a lighter shade or even failing to print at all. Incorrect injecting can lead to some dried-out areas of the inkjet sponges and it can cause damage to the printer over time.

    • Failing to clean the refill syringes

    If you do not take the time to clean your refill syringes, you can expect to encounter problems during inkjet cartridge refilling. This is an important part of the refilling process that has to be done immediately after every refill. Make sure your syringes are clean to prevent mixing of colors, which can alter the colors of your printer permanently.

    Avoid starting the print process immediately after refilling your cartridges, as they need some time for the ink to settle.

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    If you run a company and find that you need to print a large number of documents on a regular basis, you may end up spending a lot on ink cartridges if you are not careful about how you do this. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to use a few tips and tricks to try and minimize the amount of ink you use. If you are in charge of supplies, you may need to make this into some kind of office policy, so that the rest of the office staff can then follow them and help cut down on the cost of printing. Some of the things you should always strive to do when coming up with such rules include:


    Use tried and tested methods

    When you are thinking of cutting down on ink usage, you will find that there are a few things that have been tried and tested in the past, and which have been shown to work. It’s always a good idea to do some research on these, and then implement the ones that you think will work best for your office. For instance, there are some font typefaces that have been shown to require marginally less ink than others. You could find out which these are, and then make it a rule that anyone in the office interested in printing should use this font to cut down on ink usage. This might not seem like much, but you will definitely save a lot of money in the long run.

    Instruct your staff

    When you come up with policies that are meant to cut down on ink usage, you should never assume that all your staff members will understand what you need done. It’s safer for you to take them through some sort of training, so that they understand what you mean when you make certain suggestions. For instance, using economy mode can drastically reduce the cost of printing a page without having much of an effect on quality, especially if you are only printing documents without any images. However, there might be staff members who might not understand how to use this mode, and so you would need to show them how to do it.

    Get genuine printing products

    One way of saving on the cost of printing that many people don’t think about is making sure that you have quality products. For instance, when you are shopping for a printer or cartridges, you should always make a point of getting the OEM ones. These are usually properly calibrated, ensuring that they offer the perfect balance between cost and quality. Fake cartridges might seem cheap, but they tend to reduce the lifespan of your printers, and may even run out faster. This means that in the long run, you will find yourself paying more for them. At Excel Toner, we ensure that all the products we send out are OEM, which means that you can always have peace of mind as far as this is concerned.

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    If you are interested in photography for marketing purposes, one of the things you will definitely need to invest in is a high quality printer. Choosing the right type of printer is essential for the success of such an operation since this usually determines the quality of the printout as well as the cost of running the business. Ideally, you will need to buy a printer that has been proven over time to be very good at producing high quality printouts, and which is also cheap to run as well. This way, you will able to offer more value for money to your clients, and end up retaining more of them as well.


    The allure of HP printers

    When you are in such a position and are shopping for the ideal printer, you should always consider getting one from HP. This is a company that has been around in this field for a very long time, and which has become synonymous with high quality print. More importantly, the brand has one of the most diverse printer types for anyone’s needs. This means that it will always be possible to find one that fits your needs perfectly without being wasteful or too expensive to run. The only thing you have to do is go through the catalogue of products they have on offer, and then pick out what you think suits you.

    The ease with which you can get consumables

    One other reason why you should consider HP printers is the fact that it will be very easy for you to get the consumables you need to keep the printer running. Since this is one of the most popular brands out there, getting items such as toners and cartridges will be a walk in the park for you. For instance, if you are keen on buying them at a low cost but without compromising quality, you can always shop from our store from any part of the world. We stock a large variety of consumables for HP, meaning that it will be possible for you to find what you need irrespective of the type of printer you have.

    Technological advances

    Another compelling reason why you should consider getting HP printers is the fact that they tend to have some of the best features you can ask of such products. For instance, there are some that can work wirelessly, so that you won’t have to worry about having too many disorganized wires running around your floor if you have to get more than one printer. Some also offer advanced printing modes and the ability to print from devices such as your phone directly.

    As you can see, there are many advantages of getting a HP printer. Once you do this, you can then consult us for purchase of consumables such as the cartridges and toners, since we offer the cheapest prices around. We also make it easy for anyone to find what they need, partly due to the fact that our site is well organized and easy to browse.

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    A printer is an essential piece of equipment for any office setting. This is a device that is attached to a PC and it is used for printing text and graphics from the monitor to paper. There are many types and models of printers in the market and being able to identify some of them can help you to make an informed purchase decision. Printers range widely in cost, size and function and you need to determine exactly what you need by establishing your specific requirements.

    1. Types of printers

    There are three main categories when it comes to printers. These are Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers and Multifunction Printers. If you are looking for inexpensive printers that provide all round value, inkjet printers are your best option. These printers can use any ordinary copy paper and while you can get good text, the quality is not the same as with laser printers.

    Laser printers use laser technology to provide high quality prints. If you are looking for professional quality text and pictures, these are the best printers. Multi-function printers usually come as faxes, scanners and copiers as well as printing, all in one machine.

    2. Consider the printing cost

    When shopping for a printer, think about the cost of printing. If you are thinking about the cost per page, laser printers translate to cheaper than inkjets. If you are planning to do a huge amount of printing, you should think about the cost of the output. If you invest in a multipurpose printer, you can save on other devices and this will end up saving you a huge amount of money. Think about the total cost by considering the long-term cost of consumables.

    3. Think about the speed

    Different printer models have different speeds and you need to consider this when choosing the equipment. Think about how fast you want the work completed. Laser printers are usually the fastest printers. Compare the different models and read reviews so that you can learn about the speed. The speed will often depend on the quality of the paper, the size of the document, and the PC configuration among other factors. Find out the printer’s speed rating when comparing equipment.

    4. The number of cartridges

    Another important consideration is the cartridges that you require. Some printers require only one cartridge with different colors, while others have two, for black and colored inks. Think about the cost of cartridges as well, as how often you will need to use color when printing your documents. Look for the option that leads to least ink wastage. Efficiency is very important when selecting a printer.

    There are other features to consider and they include a parallel port for your computer, compatible software, RAM, tray capacity, maximum paper width and whether the printer requires top or front paper feed. The size of the machine will determine if it is convenient for your office space. Think about where you plan to place the printer. Other functions to look for include the print language, resident fonts and the zoom feature.

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    When you want to get the best results from your printer, you should find out the paper that best suits your needs. There are many types of paper out there and choosing the best one will help to ensure that you get the most from your machine.

    Many major manufacturers have special papers that are designed to work with the printers they produce, but in most cases, they are the same basic paper types with similar traits. When you understand the paper traits to look for you can be sure of getting the highest quality prints every time.

    1. Find out what is available

    The first thing you need to do is to find out the type of paper out there. When you know the types available, you can choose exactly what you need. Multipurpose paper or copier paper is the most common type available for printing. This lightweight paper is often used for different functions and with different office equipment. Multipurpose paper is ideal for all your copier and fax needs or when printing plain text documents.

    2. Choosing inkjet paper

    Another option is inkjet paper, which is specially designed to use with inkjet printers. This type of paper is able to absorb ink droplets evenly. This is important because inkjet printers work by spraying ink on the paper. There are different types of inkjet papers and you can select coated paper, which improves print quality by controlling ink absorption. The coated inkjet papers often work perfectly when you want to print high quality prints. Coated papers can be either glossy or matte.

    3. Laser printer paper

    If you have a laser printer, you need to look for paper that will work with this equipment. The printers fuse the toner to the paper. This means that any paper that is used in the laser printers should be able to withstand the amount of heat produced. This function is especially important if you are using a color laser printer. In most cases, these papers have qualities to prevent jamming and curling. Laser printer paper often has higher brightness and it is usually heavier than multipurpose paper.

    4. Using specialty paper

    The range of options available means that you can get paper to suit any specification. You can print anything that you design with the specialty paper available whether you want to print greeting cards, iron-on transfers, brochures, photo stickers, labels or anything else. Make sure that you find out the printing specifications to determine the type of paper it can handle. Look at paper from different manufacturers to find out the best option for your specific needs.

    There are some basic paper traits to look out for and they include the brightness or whiteness of the paper, the weight and thickness. When you are printing, remember that the thickness and paperweight does not affect the quality of the print but it has a huge effect in the output or finished product. Think about what you want to print when choosing the paper so that you make the best and most cost effective decision.

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    It is good to note that inkjet printers and supplies are quite easy to acquire compared to most of the others in the same range due to their ever increasing popularity. Furthermore, inkjets are easy and inexpensive to repair when they develop issues compared to the others in the market today and for a good reason. These printing machine designs are very basic in nature. Apart from the motherboard and two other important parts, that is the two motors and paper sensor (PCA), the other parts are all mechanical in nature. This in essence means that your inkjet printer can be torn down to nothing and rebuilt within no time when it develops one issue or another, making it a dream repair machine for the technicians.

    Repairs are easy…

    Inkjet printers are easy to repair as mentioned above. Not only this, their parts are readily available either online and offline. If your inkjet develops an issue, simply take it to a good repair shop and in a few hours time, walk out of the door with it ready to get back to work.

    Inkjets cartridge technology

    The early inkjet printing machines like Lexmark and HP DeskJet use ink cartridges that have print heads built into the cartridge. Why is this so special, you may ask. Well, if there is a print quality issue, you simply need to replace the problematic cartridge and your problems are all resolved. There is no need to take the machine to a repair shop if you can easily fix the issues by yourself, is there?

    Affordable cartridges

    The best thing about inkjets from an end user point of view is probably the value that is offered by their cartridges. Though the machines use two cartridges, that is the black and the tri-color, they are very affordable. Most inkjet cartridges have about a thousand page yield and have indicators on the front to tell the user the level of remaining ink.

    To check whether your cartridge has ink or is used up, simply pick two up and feel the weight difference. Some like the 26a and 29A have clear plastic covers so that you can easily tell when they are near empty. To check whether your cartridge has ink or is used up, simply pick two up and feel the weight difference.

    Dependable, affordable and durable

    Inkjets are very dependable and durable. They can last for around five to six years before requiring a parts replacement or the machine itself. When things go wrong with any of these machines, you simply need to take it to a good printer repair shop and in a matter of minutes you have your machine perfectly working again. Best of all, apart from their cartridges, these machines are also very affordable.

    Are they expensive?

    Although the inkjet inks are quite inexpensive, they offer the same full color images like those provided by laser printers. Simply put inkjet technology compare well with that of laser printers. Apart from this, when it comes to cartridges, they are cheap to acquire and can easily be replaced by the user. The majority of printing suppliers deal in inkjet suppliers.

    In conclusion, remember that when choosing printing supplies for your inkjet, go for those items that won’t give you a headache. This way, you will have a lot of fun and hassle free printing experience. You all want this, don’t you?

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    Getting the right kind of a toner cartridge for your printer makes all the difference where quality print outputs are concerned. However, many printer owners and users have been waging a war against their trusted OEM printers for as long as they can remember. But after calling the maintenance service crew for the umpteenth time, they finally start to wonder if the compatible cartridge they were swayed to buy by the persuasive print supplier salesperson the reason for their printer’s frequent breakdowns. To be honest, getting genuine OEM toner cartridges is always a safer, guaranteed and better option compared to acquiring an unknown compatible variety, though in most cases those from well known manufacturers offer no less in functionality.

    My printer performs no less with a compatible toner!

    This is something your frequently hear from some printer owners and users. However note that genuine toner cartridges from well known brands always assure quality, extra clarity and richness for your printouts. But if you low on expense cash, and are looking for a cost-effective yet viable printing toner option, then by all means opt for compatible toner cartridges but from well known brands. They are a God’s gift to that wheezing printer of yours! The quality and clarity of printouts is almost the same when used for personal and office purposes, and all while at much lower prices. In fact, they cost almost half the price of the genuine versions.

    Does it matter where you get the compatible toner for your printer?

    To say the truth, it matters a lot where you purchase your toner cartridges whether the OEM or the compatible variety. This being the case, it makes a lot of sense to perform a check beforehand on the supplier (online or offline) you are about to get your toner cartridge from. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry, particularly if the prints at stake are lovely photos of your family at a special occasion. Paying lower prices is fine enough; however, an advance research on the printing suppliers in the market is wiser.

    What brand of toner cartridge do I acquire for trusted printer?

    To start with, always buy toners that are compatible with your printer. For instance, if your printer is a HP, then buy a toner that is made by HP, or that is HP compatible so as to assure its smooth functionality. The type of a toner cartridge to acquire and use on your printer is all yours. Note that using a compatible or OEM version on an original printer does violate the conditions of its warranty.

    All in all, go for the OEM toner cartridges if you want to be extra safe as this is certainly assured or get a compatible version and be done with it! Whichever the case, it is merely a matter of chance if something to do with these cartridges goes wrong.